Privacy Policy

LetSleepHappen is committed to protecting your privacy, and the privacy of any personal information provided to us, abiding with the amendments of the Privacy Act 1988 which came into effect on 21 December 2001. This policy outlines how we collect, store, and use your personal and financial information, and steps you can take to protect your privacy on our website.

This privacy statement outlines the privacy and data protection practices for LetSleepHappen. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

Collecting personal information

LetSleepHappen does collect information from you, such as details you pass on to us when you send an email, subscribe to our email newsletter, or book for a seminar or appointment. To keep you up to date with our services, publications and other resources, we can place you on a mailing list. At any time, if you no longer wish to receive this information just let us know and we will remove your details from the mailing list.

We also collect personal information through events that letSleepHappen holds or is involved in, such as seminars, workshops, and other promotional activities.

We may also collect personal information from people seeking to work for LetSleepHappen, from suppliers and other contractors involved in the provision of support services to our clinicians, researchers and other staff.

How do we collect the personal information?

Information may be collected in person, in writing, by telephone, through our website and by other electronic communication channels. We collect this information through our staff and through our contracted agents and other service providers. Wherever practicable, we will ask you for the information directly.

We may need to obtain personal information from others to ensure that we are fully informed in relation to the issues that we need to address.

When accepting a request, instructions or involvement, we require an undertaking that personal information provided has been collected in accordance with the Privacy Act and that they will similarly protect the privacy of any personal information LetSleepHappen supplies to them.

How we use your personal information

The personal information we collect from you at LetSleepHappen is used to provide you with information, services or products you have requested and for administration purposes.

We do not share or disclose your personal information with other organisations, but  we may need to disclose your information if required to do so by law.

You may unsubscribe from our communications at any time with an email to us.

Who will see or have access to your personal information?

Unless we are required to provide your personal information to others by law, by court order or to investigate suspected fraud or other unlawful activity, your information will only be seen or used by persons working in or for LetSleepHappen.  These people will include our own and our contract researchers and clinicians.

Some personal information may be shared between the LetSleepHappen and Sydney Sleep Centre, where the use of the information is directly related to the purpose for which it was collected and within the reasonable expectations of the individual concerned.

Security of Information

Our information systems and files are kept secured from unauthorised access and our staff and contracted agents and service providers have been informed of the importance we place on protecting your privacy and their role in helping us to do so. Information will be stored and disposed of in a secure environment, which may only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Although we will endeavour to protect your personal information, we are unable to guarantee that any information you transmit to us over the internet is 100% secure. Any information you transmit to us is conducted at your own risk.

What if I want to check what personal information you hold about me?

Subject to any legal restrictions, we are happy to advise you what personal information we hold about you, should you request this. If your request is particularly complex or requires detailed searching of our records, there may be a cost to you in order for us to provide this information.

If you believe there are errors in our records about you, please let us know and we will be happy to investigate and correct any inaccuracies.